Saturday, 19 December 2009

Frequency and Age of screening - pros and cons

Rates of cervical cancer screening in the US

New cervical cancer guidelines (end of yearly testing)

Added 21 Dec 09
Quinquennial (5-yearly) smears - every woman's right and every general practitioners responsibility (paper dated 1984) UK

Added 21 Dec 09
Article on the decision not to screen at age 20 in the UK

Added 23 Dec 09
Article discussing changing first age of screening from 20 to 25 (Australia)

Added 1 Jan 2010
Hansard - UK Parliament discussion on possibly changing the smear test age from 25 to 20

Added 23 Jan 2010
Decision not to reduce the age of screening in the UK from 25 to 20

Added 29 Jan 2010
Findings and outcomes of teenage women referred for colposcopy in Christchurch (New Zealand)

Added 14 Feb 2010
Emotion vs evidence re: dropping screening age

Added 25 Feb 2010
Should we discontinue pap smear testing in women >65 years of age?

Added 12 Mar 2010 -Cervical screening - when to start? (New Zealand)

Added Mar 2010
Smear tests in virgins

Added Apr 2010
Study providing scientific background to UK screening being moved to over-25s

Added April 13 2010 - Article on efficiency of varied frequency and age of screening (UK)

Added April 18 2010 - article on decision to keep screening age at 25 (UK)

Added June 2010
UK research paper on effectiveness in screening the under-25s

Added Jan 2011 - Risk of cervical abnormality in women over 50 with previous negative history