Saturday, 19 December 2009

Informed Consent and Ethics

Feminist perspectives on health care law

Reaching targets in the national screening programme - are current practices unethical?

Informed consent is missing from cervical screening

The ethics of information: absolute risk reduction and patient understanding of screening

Randomised controlled trial of the effect of evidence based information on women's willingness to participate in cervical cancer screening

Patients & Informed consent

Are women sufficiently well informed to provide valid consent for the cervical smear test?

Women must be given fuly informed information about cervical screening - BMJ article

General practitioner's perception of risk factors for cervical cancer development: consequences for patient education

Informed consent? How do primary care professionals prepare women for cervical screening: a qualitative study$=relatedarticles&logdbfrom=pubmed

Added 21st Dec 09
US paper - the Competent Patient's Right to refuse treatment

Added 21st Dec 09
Interventions targeted at women to increase uptake of cervical smears

Added 21st Dec 09
Interesting post on the manufacture of consent

Added 6 Jan 2010
Rethinking informed consent - the case for shared medical decision making

Added 6 Jan 2010
New Zealand Article on consent to screening

Added 15th Jan 2010
Little vignette on the subject of consent, by a GP blogger

Added 13 Feb 2010
Pap smear brochures, misogyny and language - a discourse analysis and feminist critique

Added 13 Feb 2010
Consent to screening (NZ)

Added 15 Feb 2010
A Scottish GP's opinion...

Added 25 Feb 2010
Gender and trust in medicine: consent, abuses and remedies

Added 25 Feb 2010
Cervical screening - compliance and moral obligation

Added 19 Mar 2010 -bridging the knowledge gap and communicating uncertainties for informed consent in cervical cytology; we need unbiased information and a culture change

Added 15 Jan 2010 Complex paper about attempts to persuade women into breast and cervical screening

Added 28th June 2011 - Blog post about plans for compulsory cervical exams in Poland