Saturday, 19 December 2009

Women's Perceptions & Experiences of Screening

Women's experiences at cervical screening

Factors affecting attendance for a cervical smear test: a prospective study

Personal influencing factors associated with pap smear testing and cervical cancer$=relatedarticles&logdbfrom=pubmed

Risk factors for cervical cancer development: what do women think?$=relatedarticles&logdbfrom=pubmed

Women's knowledge and experience of cervical screening: a failure of health education and medical organisation

Screening for cervical cancer: a review of women's attitudes, knowledge and behaviour

Uptake of cervical cancer screening in the Netherlands is mainly influenced by women's beliefs about the screening and by the inviting organisation

Individualing a general medical discourse: women making sense of cervical cancer screening in the UK

The impact of knowledge, perceived barriers and perceptions of risk on attendance for a routinue cervical smear

Frequency of after-effects reported by women following a cervical smear test

A survey of female nursing students' knowledge, health beliefs, perception of risk and risk behaviours regarding HPV and cervical cancer$=relatedarticles&logdbfrom=pubmed

Factors influencing cancer screening practices of underserved women$=relatedreviews&logdbfrom=pubmed

Perceived cervical cancer risk among women undergoing colposcopy

Psychological effects of a low-grade abnormal cervical smear test result: anxiety and associated factors

Women's understanding of abnormal cervical smear results: a qualitative interview study

What do women think about abnormal smear test results? A qualitative interview study

Added 21 Dec 09
Women's experiences of cervical screening

Added 21 Dec 09
Women's understanding of a "normal" smear test result - experimental questionnaire based study

Added 21 Dec 09
Improving the quality and coverage of cervical screening - women's views

Added 1 Jan 2010
Australian Women's needs and preferences for information about HPV in cervical screening

Added 1 Jan 2010
Women's experiences of gynaecological care

Added 1 Jan 2010
Article re: sexual abuse victims refusing smear tests (Australia)

Added 1 Jan 2010
Irish screening authority report on cervical screening and improving uptake

Added 1 Jan 2010
Cognition and affect after cervical screening - the role of previous test outcomes and personal obligation in future uptake expectations

Added 6 Jan 2010 Article on attempts to make positive smear results less worrying for women

Added Jan 16 2010 Women's experiences of abnormal cervical cytology - illness representations, care processes and outcomes

Added 13 Feb 2010 - The potential for feminist political practice to empower the underrepresented consumer: the case of cervical cancer screening services

Added 25 Feb 2010 - Feminist healthcare with out of the mainstream adolescent females

Added 25 Feb 2010 - During cervical screening, women desired good communication and sensitivity from their doctor

Added 25 Feb 2010 - women with learning disabilities and access to cervical screening - retrospective cohort study using case control methods

Added 25 Feb 2010 - breast and cervical screening for women with mental illness: patient and provider perspectives

Added 25 Feb 2010 - cervical screening: the knowledge and opinions of black and minority ethnic women and of health advocates in East London

Added 25 Feb 2010 - Correlates of cervical cancer screening between underserved african american and hispanic women

Added 25 Feb 2010 - breast and cervical cancer in indigenous women - barriers to early detection$=relatedarticles&logdbfrom=pubmed

Added 25 Feb 2010 - marrying research, clinical practice and cervical screening in Australian aboriginal women

Added 26 Feb 2010 - Influences on the uptake of reproductive health services in Uganda and implications for breast and cervical screening

Added 12 Mar 2010 - Women with learning disabilities and cervical screening

Mar 2010 - Cervical cancer/Brazilian women in the Favelas

Feb 2011 - Issues with New Zealand screening programme (study done without the participants' consent)

December 2011 - The role of primary care professionals in women’s experiences of cervical cancer screening: a qualitative study

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