Saturday, 19 December 2009


Helping physicians understand screening tests will help patient care

Article on nursing and cancer screening

The male factor in cervical carcinogenesis: a questionnaire study of men's awareness in primary care$=relatedarticles&logdbfrom=pubmed

UK parliament discussion on set up of recall system.

UK Parliament discussion on how to increase uptake of smears

Treatments for abnormal smears

Added 21st Dec 09
Systems analysis of real-world obstacles to successful cervical cancer prevention in developing countries

Added 30 Dec 09 - Disclaimer, I'm not an automatic supporter of alternative therapies, but some may find this interesting. Stopping smoking and eating properly are probably good ideas whatever your health concerns....
Herbal/alternative therapies suggestions for minimising risk of developing cervical cancer

Added 6 Jan 2010
Interesting set of articles about male construction worker forced into rectal exam after a head injury, regarding the ethics of forcing treatments on patients:

Added 17 mar 2010 cervical lesions

Added Mar 2010
Not directly related to screening per se but still worth reading.....

Added January 2011 - effect of male circumcision on transmission of hpv

Added February 2011 - clinical description of colposcopy, biopsy etc: