Saturday, 19 December 2009

Academic References

Cervical screening - women's resistance to the official discourse

It's just part of being a woman: cervical screening, the body and femininity

Discourse and the individual in cervical cancer screening

Provider's constructions of the role of women in cervical cancer screening in Bulgaria and Romania

'Effects of frequency of testing on rates of biopsy' (this item is not available online as far as I can tell...)
L.Koutsky, Cancer Prevention, Fall 2004, Issue 4 & DeMay Article

Added 25 Feb 2010
The Body in Society

Added 25 Feb 2010
Living and working with the new technologies - intersections of inquiry

Added Mar 2010
Engendered surveillence - women on the edge of a watched cervix

Added April 2011 - The speculum bites back, feminists spark an inquiry into the treatment of carcinoma in situ at Aucklands National Womens Hospital

Added April 2011 - cervical screening, compliance and moral obligation