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Rates of cancer, cervical cancer and other serious illnesses

Causes of death, male and female, UK 2010

World Health Organisation - causes of death in women worldwide

Added 20 Dec 09
Cervical cancer incidences by age etc in the UK

Added 21 Dec 09
Cervical cancer link to early sex

Cancer in Australia, an overview, 2006

Types of cancer and information (US)

United States Cancer Statistics

Estimated new cancer cases and deaths by sex, US, 2005-2011, including splits by ethnicity

Re-evaluating the risk of breast cancer - article on the distraction of cancer from other major health risks

Added 27th Dec 09 - pages 849 and 850 most relevant
"The risk of death by age, sex and smoking status in the US - putting risks in context"

Added 1 Jan 2010
Incidences of cervical cancer

Added 1 Jan 2010
The social and demographic characteristics of women dying from cervical cancer in Nottingham (UK)

Added 8 Jan 2010
Social/demographic/medical 'stuff' per State (USA)

Added 9 Jan 2010
Way of calculating what you might die of (for when you don't want to sleep at night....)

Added April 2010
Sexual practices and menstruation - risks for cervical cancer (South Africa)

Added July 2010 - women living with incurable STDs

"Added Decenber 2011 - (there's no internet link and I cannot upload a copy due to copyright, however this should be available in most medical libraries).
Journal of American College of Cardiology, Vol. 58, No. 19, 2011 "a report of significant association between being HPV positive and the presence of atherosclerotic heart disease."